Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rumpus is back with us

After five years away from here, Rumpus has come back for some r & r. Such a sweet pony.


January 2015

Only just six months old and looking good

Frosty morning


2014 - January to June


Isla on Dartmoor

Isla seems nicely settled with Madeleine on Dartmoor where she emigrated to before Christmas

Yashmina and Yoyo

Yashmina (now home again from Summer Camp in Epsom) and Yoyo (starting her pre-natal exercise regime) setting off on a ride.
Am having a glorious time, when it doesn't rain, riding Yoyo, who has not been ridden since a 3 y.o. and is now 14. She doesn't know much but is awesome!

Youngsters again


Another exodus from Ashdown on 26th. March

Yashmina, Rosanna and Lanark left here to go to Talisker. Rosanna to be bred to Balleroy Minstrel, Yashmina to be Kate's ridden pony and Lanark now in the proud owenership of Polly Porter.

Lanark                                           Rosie & Yashmina
Spey and Junior

And in exchange I now have Junior (Highland Chief of Talisker) here, who will be carrying out stud duties with some of Dougie's daughters this year.

Another success story

Ricky has returned to Claire and they have already started the season as they intend to go on, with a couple of wins under their belts.

My dear Isla settled at last

Isla being led by Madeleine

Three fledgelings happily settled and doing their stuff:



Very difficult week here. Dear Rupert left to go to Dorset last weekend, where he will be with Mel and Iona (The Unicorn), which is great but very sad for me as we are very close and he has left a big hole.
and today Regent, Rupert's half brother, owned by Dani Brown, had to be put down due to a ghastly injury. Our thoughts are with Dani, who is heartbroken.

Rupert & Regent



Better happenings since last week.
  • Delilah won her Intro test last weekend - must have been the blingy browband!
  • Iona came to stay for the weekend and took Rupert off to the woods for a ride.
  • Ricky showed his "Film Star" qualities
Bling for Delilah
Off for a ride in the woods
Iona and Rupert
And Ricky au gallop

Spey & Roscoe - Two young men beginning to blossom

                                                Short stuff - Companion to those who matter.......

Best view ever – thro’ the ears of Rupert in Dorset


Lanark’s first two shows were a great success, with him winning the Highland Yearling class at Sandringham on 10th. May, then going Res. Youngstock Champion, followed by a second at Notts County the next day in the Large Breeds Yearling class.
Delighted for Polly and her team and equally for us at home. Also one very proud Mum here.
 Lanark - Sandringham

Lanark - Notts County

  6.6.2014 - Lanark does well again

3rd at the South of England Show


 Two lovely photos of Magnum ...

... brings to mind ducklings and swans!

June 10th 2014

Surely one of the most admirable of riders out there, still competing at 79, Pat Perkins, on Delilah. Not only competing, but also qualifying for CTR Dressage Championships. Congratulations to Pat and Lilo. Acknowledgements and thanks to Chiltern & Thames Rider. June Issue.


The Main Man left us today (24.4.2014) to chase rabbits, deer and squirrels forever in the Ashdown woods. Greatest sadness, he is quite irreplaceable.



           Chalkie in charge


2013 - January to June

Snow scenes
Meals on wheels

Back up

Helen's Freddie waiting for breakfast

Indiana & Regent outside their shed
Isla and Yashmina


  Dougie's first foal this year, a lovely colt out of Mimi

Rocky has reached his new home in Sussex and seems very settled there

Rocky with Fleur in his new home

Spring has finally sprung, bringing with it our first two foals

Dessie over the last hurdle- 2 hours old

Dessie at 30 hours
                               Ivy has Ilona - Day 1
Dessie and Ilona


 2013 July to December


In the past week there has been a mass exodus of ponies from Ashdown, starting with Yashmina who has joined an RDA Group in Surrey. Then Delilah, who returned here earlier in the year went to join her new owner, Pat, in Hertfordshire where I hope they will both be very happy. Finally, on Thursday, Iliana, Indiana and Regent left to join Kate Carnegie's Talisker ponies in Cambridgeshire. Iliana will be shown in hand by Kate this year, Regent now belongs to Dani and Indiana will be Kate's project for the future.




Indiana & Regent

 In the meantime our three foals are growing like weeds and .....

Ilona and Lanark

.......Dessie and Ilona

All 3 together..........

.... Roscoe continues to be my shadow!

Ruaridh MD Rag-Fork Distribution - Germany

Iona looking magical


Iliana's first show with Kate, NCPA Newark/Notts, was hugely successful, their winning the Large Breeds Youngstock and going Res. Champion overall. Very well done to the two of them.


 How not to ...............

India has taken to riding Robbie, seen here in casual mode!

Indiana & Kate

Kate has been at it again, this time with Indiana, winning the Glyn Greenwood qualifier at Ponies UK Summer Championships and then standing 2nd. in the final.
Magnum left here today to be with his new owner Ellie and we wish them a happy future together.

Auntie Izzy

Izzy doing Auntie duties with Dessie and Lanark

Good week at Equifest

Iliana and Indiana had a cracking good week at Equifest, both winning classes and generally keeping up appearances. Thanks totally to Kate, who had a very busy week indeed and produced them both superbly.

New boy on the Block

Nashend Lord Spey with his dam, Lady Mac Rash of Warren.

Other News

 Rigoletto nicely settled in his new home
 Abandoned Puss
Magnum - long reining started

Monty slowly coming back into work


The Foals

Lanark & Ilona



Keeping up the family tradition

 Magnum at his first show ...

... with his haul

Show News

Debbie has been pulled out of retirement and did amazingly well at the Rare Breeds Show with Iliana, winning the Youngstock In Hand, going Champion In Hand then, Supreme Champion against the ridden ponies. Rupert also went well, coming second In Hand and 3rd. in the Open Ridden. Something to do with a buck I suspect!
 Debbie & Iliana in step at the Rare Breeds Show

Iliana & Debbie at the Rare Breeds Show

Visitor to the Stud

Ricky & Laurine

The Jennie Seymour Memorial Show

The Jennie Seymour Memorial Show, held at East Soley this weekend (26/27 October) was a great success, the saturday classes in particular being well filled. Emma Dove was amazing, as usual, everything being well organised and running on time. Also lovely prizes and special rosettes in honour of the day. Jennie would have been most impressed. Even the weather was kind.
Our day was made by Rupert redeeming himself and standing Reserve Champion under saddle - Mother riding.  Most enjoyable. Should do it more often!
 Rupert & Mum - photo courtesy Laurine Lesmesie

Rupert & Ricky - photo courtesy Laurine Lesmesie

All very grown up now

Dessie & Lanark

Balleroy Foals 2013

Delilah & Pat
 It's more than a rumour - Magnum is being ridden

Iona and Buster

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all at Balleroy Stud


Rainbows at Ashdown - courtesy Louise Jacob